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All things and everything cute and adorable! (>^-^)>~hugs~<(^-^<). Enjoy the blog! ❤.

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Although all these pictures are adorable and I wish I made them, I did not. All pictures go to their amazing creators and rightful owners ★.



Sentimental Circus 1| 2| 3| 4

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I finally bought myself an alpaca! ^^ <3

Arpakasso @ JX - lilytrinh

Arpakasso @ JX - lilytrinh

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Store appreciation: SaoZen plush (number 2)

Kawaii jumbo pinku piggy sugarcube pincushion: £11.00

Tiny kawaii Ika (squid) plushie magnet: £7.23

Kawaii zombie usagi bunny rabbit plushie w/dead carrot: £15.69

Light grey egg shaped (And armless) totoro plushie cell phone straps: £8.49