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Although all these pictures are adorable and I wish I made them, I did not. All pictures go to their amazing creators and rightful owners ★.

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  • one like and one reblog
  • it isn’t required for you to follow me, but if you follow me you get more stuff if you win uwu please don’t follow me just to unfollow after the giveaway has ended
  • no giveaway blogs or side blogs please 
  • winner picked via random number generator 
  • ends February 17, 2015

what you get yo

  • a seifuku 
    follower bonus: cosplay wig (price limit $30)
  • one plush (arpakasso, shiba inu plush, meowchi, etc) 
    follower bonus: two plushies instead of one
  • one 3ds game 
  • followers will get one item from jbox (price limit $15)
  • I’ll also write you a cute little letter if you win


by Tokyo Otaku Mode
Alpacasso Plushies


Shingeki no Arpakasso / Attack on Alpacasso !!

and Alapcasso heidan !


Available in late August ~ early september 2014.

Susume ! Alpacasso Heidan

Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on titan alpacasso ☆

Heidan BIG : http://pixie.storenvy.com/products/7892295-susume-alpacasso-heidan-big-50cm-shingeki-no-kyojin-attack-on-titan

Heidan 16cm : http://pixie.storenvy.com/products/7892280-susume-alpacasso-heidan-16cm-shingeki-no-kyojin-attack-on-titan

Heidan 12cm : http://pixie.storenvy.com/products/7892259-susume-alpacasso-heidan-12cm-shingeki-no-kyojin-attack-on-titan

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